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Our region is known as the "Land Between" which refers to our geographic niche of being a unique place where the Canadian Shield to the north and the St. Lawrence-Carolinian Forests to the south, meet and mingle. This marriage of ecological zones gives us a rich abundance of wildlife and a diversity of plants, namely beautiful trees! Our predominant and largest trees are white pines, sugar maples and red oaks. We also have large stands of cedar and a lot of ash, birches, black cherry and lindens which the bees love! We have also cultivated more southerly trees such as black walnuts and kentucky coffee trees.

Here at Thistlecroft, we mill our own wood for custom jobs and to satisfy our own building and creative needs. We do our best not to waste materials which has led to some interesting and innovative uses of off-cuts and wood by-products. For example, we have been experimenting with using the 'slabs' (the rounded off-cuts of squaring a log during the milling process) as an in-fill/siding material. You can see an example of this at our Farm Boutique.

Our wood working focus so far has been more practical (namely milling and building farm related items) but we are transitioning into furniture and home products that reflect our interests and what our land provides us. Some of these products include cooking utensils, benches, and harvest tables.

2019 Workshop:
Introduction to Woodworking for Women

July 27-28
August 17-18
September 21-22

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Looking out our front door.

Our woodmill.

Custom hand-hewn bench 2010. White oak, recycled red pine from renovation within client's home, black walnut.

The original piece of oak during the hewing process. Hewing refers to shaping a round log into a square timber by hand (with various types of axes).

Custom harvest table 2014. Live edge black cherry from Thistlecroft, reclaimed oak from barn in Prince Edward County, white pine legs, sugar maple trestle, elm supports, original cut nails from the farm.

Black cherry table top with reclaimed oak (middle piece).
Farm Boutique
The Farm Boutique is our first attempt at building a "tiny home". This building is 6 feet by 10 feet which gives it a footprint of 60 square feet. Although it is not very large, it feels spacious and suits our needs as a farm stand-shop. The wood was milled at the farm and comes from the red pine plantation to the west of the house. These pine are about 30 years old and we hope to replace them with a mixed deciduous forest with an emphasis on edible plants.

The structural elements (walls and roof) were designed as a kit to be easily assembled and disassembled. For our walls, we decided to experiment with woven 'slabs' of red pine off-cuts from the milling process. So far, this has worked well and looks great! We have also installed reclaimed windows from the farm's previous owner(s).


Farm Boutique Open May to October, 24/7!

845 Galway Road, Kinmount, Ontario


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