Classes & Courses

During the warmer months, we offer various classes that fit within our ethos of skill building and sharing, being gentle with nature and with ourselves, and being hands-on.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic, the hosting of classes for 2023 is still being assessed and re-evaluated at a regular basis. Our committment is to our guests, our own and our home's health, safety and security. Thank you for your understanding.

Women & Carpentry

This introduction to woodworking workshop is designed and taught by a woman for women. Held on the farm, this workshop aims to provide a safe place for women to develop confidence, learn woodworking skills and to share ideas.

This workshop will cover the fundamentals about woodworking:
+ about wood
+ about design
+ safe tool use (cutting and joining)
+ finishes

The idea is to give you a general understanding of building structures made out of wood and how to do it safely and successfully. To help you more fully understand these principles, each participant will be building her own side-table which you can take home!

This is an introductory workshop. Participants do not have to have any skills or knowledge about wood or working with wood. You are not required to have your own tools but we do suggest bringing what you have access to (suggested tool list below). We can teach you about your tools as you grow accustomed to and confident in their uses.

This workshop is open to all types of women and those who identify as women. We do not discriminate and we expect all participants to likewise be open and accepting.

Important Information:

+ Workshops are held over TWO consecutive days, over one weekend.
+ Women and female-identified people only. Must be 18 years of age or older.
+ Limit of 8 participants per workshop.
+ Dress appropriately for the weather. We will be working outside under a shelter with protection from direct rain and sun.

Time: 10AM to 6PM, Saturday and Sunday
Dates: TBD
Cost: TBD
per person (includes materials) plus HST

- No children are allowed on the farm during workshop hours.
- No pets are allowed on the farm at any time.
- Meals are NOT provided. We recommend bringing a bagged lunch.
There are some restaurants in Kinmount (15 minute drive). We aim for a one hour lunch break.
- Participants are allowed to camp on the farm. Please let us know. We cannot provide any camping equipment.
- Other accommodations in the area include cottages, motels and local b n' b.

Mandatory Safety Equipment

+ Safety Glasses (eye protection)
+ Ear protection - in-ear or over-ear
+ Respiratory protection (dust mask)
+ Comfortable clothing you do not mind getting dirty/dusty
+ Comfortable closed-toe shoes (no sandals)
+ Hair ties or hat to keep hair back
+ Sunscreen and bug spray
+ Travel/reusable mug for water and tea

Recommended Tools

Below is a list of basic woodworking tools that is useful for both general woodworking and for use around the home. We highly recommend bringing your own tools and to generally, bring what you can.

+ Measuring Tape - minimum 16 feet; Imperial measurement or combination of Imperial/Metric
+ Hammer - minimum 16 oz
+ Utility knife
+ Drill - corded or cordless
+ Impact Driver - cordless
+ Driver bits - multiple No. 2 Robinson (square head) bits
+ Circular Saw - 7 1/4" or similar
+ Handsaw - Push or Pull style
+ Combination Square or Speed Square or Framing Square
+ Chisel(s) - set of chisels (1", 3/4", 1/2", 1/4") or just a single one
+ Pencils
+ Tool box to keep all your tools safe and clean

Other Tools
In addition to what is mentioned above, the workshop will also be using 'shop tools' such as table saw, compound miter saw ("chop saw"), 13" planer, biscuit jointer, band saw and other assorted tools and devices.


All wood, fasteners (screws, nails, etc.) and some finishes (sandpaper, oils, stains) are provided for with your workshop fees. All the wood that you will build with comes from the farm (milled on the farm from various species such as eastern white pine, eastern white cedar, black cherry, poplar and elm) or salvaged from other buildings, scrap piles and skids/pallets. Emphasis is placed on non-toxic materials and sustainable practices.

If you have wood or other materials you would like to use, please let us know so we can accommodate for them in the design. Feel free to bring special mementos to incorporate into your side-table.

How to Register

1. Email us! ali(a)

Please let us know the following:
+ Name
+ Contact (email and phone)
+ Date of workshop preference
+ Will you be camping?

2. Wait for email confirmation.

3. Pay non-refundable $50 deposit (etransfer or cheque) to secure your spot.

4. Pay remaining fee before or at workshop (etransfer, cheque or cash).

Axes: More Than Just for Throwing

In this ONE DAY workshop, learn about different types of axes, how to use them and how to care for them. Along with axes, we will be using other handtools to fell trees and shape green wood.

+ Fell a tree with an axe and saw
+ Square a log with an axe
+ Make a mallet out of greenwood with an axe
+ Shape greenwood with an axe


The gift of Trees!